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"Where good dogs gather for their grooming needs at the beach"


"I can do this all day."

"It's very important to me how I look to the ladies."


Jim Rojas is the owner of Jim's Doghouse in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Please give him a call to schedule Fido's next grooming appointment. You will be happy with the results and Fido will thank you for caring to send him to the best.

Tips for a well adjusted dog.

Some of the things I believe everyone who has a dog should understand are very simple to apply and ensure you have a healthy, well-trained dog who loves you and will be your best friend for life:


#1. Treat your dog as you would treat any other member of your family; dogs respond to love, care and attention just like the rest of us.

#2. Be sure your dog knows who’s boss: be firm but not physical. Dogs are like children – they need to know limits but they do not respond well to physical violence.

#3. Feed your dog food that it likes to eat but is also good for it. There are plenty of dog foods available but make sure the one you choose for your dog is as natural as possible and not full of preservatives or additives that can and do cause ailments such as cancer.

#4. Exercise your dog according to its needs. A big dog requires big exercise, a smaller one not so much. Exercise will enable your dog to burn off the energy they will otherwise spend on things they shouldn’t.

#5. Do not leave your dog at home all day alone. Dogs are social animals and need your company. On their own they get frustrated and bored (just as humans do). Be very careful, though, that you don’t leave your dog in a car for long in summer – they get heat-stressed very easily and can really suffer.

#6. Keep Fido well groomed and clean, he will love you for caring enough to treat him like family.


If you have questions about Fido's health or grooming, please call Jim at the number above. He is always happy to share his years of professional experience with his friends and customers.


The point is that dogs may not be human, but they may as well be, for the emotions they arouse and the love and devotion they give us if they are well treated. Don’t they deserve